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Like most states in the US, Texas follows an at-will employment policy. This means that employers can let employees go, and employees can choose to quit, at any time for nearly any reason. Of course, there are a few limitations placed on this freedom. Employers cannot terminate jobs based on illegal discrimination, or as a way of harassing employees who voice their opinions.

If you suspect that you have lost your job unjustly, you need to contact a  lawyer right away. The Ross Law Group can help you decide if you have a strong legal case. If so, we can then advise you about the best way to proceed. Call our offices at 713-482-6910 to get started now.

The Different Forms of Wrongful Termination

A wrongful termination case does not always involve being fired outright. Sometimes employers try to hide their tracks by bullying employees into quitting, an act known as constructive discharge. Other employers try to intimidate their workers by firing anyone who speaks up about unfair conditions.

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An experienced Houston employment lawyer can help you get your job back, and possibly receive compensation for your difficult experience.

Illegal Discrimination

Certain traits are legally protected by federal law, meaning you cannot be fired because of them. An employer who makes hiring or firing decisions based upon these traits is in violation of the law. These traits are:

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