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At one time in our nation’s history, employers were allowed to exploit workers terribly by making them work very long hours for entirely inadequate pay. The federal government finally addressed this problem in 1938 by passing the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Since then, the Act has been amended several times to ensure that workers’ rights are being protected.

Of course, passing the FLSA did not end the problem once and for all. Even today, some employers try to get away with underpaying or otherwise mistreating their employees. If your employer is not complying with FLSA regulations, the Houston wage and hour lawyers of the Ross Law Group are here to help.

Important Topics in Wage and Hour Law

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If you are not receiving fair pay for the amount of work you do, you need to take action soon. Filing a claim will not only help you receive the money you are owed, it can bring an end to unfair and damaging workplace practices.

How We Can Help

You are not legally required to seek an attorney’s assistance before filing a lawsuit or a claim with the Department of Labor. However, proving in court that you have been paid unfairly is never an easy undertaking. It requires very thorough recordkeeping and an in-depth understanding of labor law.

The Houston wage and hour attorneys of the Ross Law Group have the experience and knowledge you need to be successful. We will help you build your case and choose the best course to take.

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To contact a knowledgeable Houston wage and hour dispute attorney, call the Ross Law Group at 713-482-6910.

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