If You Are Not Paid Fairly, What Should You Do?

When a person is not paid for overtime or otherwise according to the wages that they have earned, they may be entitled to file a lawsuit against that employer. However, it is advisable for an employee to take some precautionary steps before the situation progresses to that point. If their problem remains unresolved, legal action may offer the appropriate means of seeking to enforce one’s rights.

If your wages have been withheld or underpaid, you should not allow this injustice to pass without a firm response. Contact the Houston employment lawyers of the Ross Law Group at 713-482-6910 to speak with a skilled and experienced attorney about your potential case.

The Process of Filing a Claim

When considering legal action against one’s employer, it is important to ensure that he or she follows the appropriate procedure associated with making a pay-related complaint. This process includes the following:

  • File a complaint internally with the HR representative
  • In some cases, bringing the complaint up with payroll is also appropriate
  • If this fails, consult with a legal advisor
  • Solicit an investigation by a labor agency
  • If there are sufficient grounds a lawsuit seeking financial compensation may be initiated

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Regrettably, some employers attempt to take advantage of their position of power and deny workers their rightfully earned pay. It is important for you to be aware that there are laws in place to protect you in this situation, and we can help. Contact a Houston employment attorney of the Ross Law Group by calling 713-482-6910 today.

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