Hazing in the Workplace

There are some organizations that are associated with hazing rituals, with the military, sports, and “Greek-letter” organizations being the most notorious. But hazing is not limited to initiation rituals in organizations like these; it can also occur in the workplace. New employees are sometimes subjected to mild teasing, especially in a team-oriented environment, but it is possible for initiation to become seriously problematic—even putting employees’ emotional health and wellbeing at risk.

Even without any physical contact, initiation rituals can still leave lasting marks. Harassment, harsh treatment, name-calling, and other sustained abusive activities can be psychologically traumatic for victims, sometimes necessitating counseling. This is especially true when the harassment concerns a person’s race, age, gender, or other personal traits. Victims of prolonged verbal abuse may experience feelings of worthlessness, compromising their ability to work and creating permanent emotional scars.

Hurling abuse at someone because of traits like those mentioned above is, in itself, illegal and is reason enough for legal action. Whether or not hazing activities are considered acceptable by employers, allowing hazing at all fails to consider the true impact of its actions on their employees. Initiation rituals in the workplace are not likely to reach the severity of Greek-letter organizations and the like, but hazing of any kind is illegal in the first place.

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Hazing is illegal and dangerous, not infrequently leaving permanent physical or emotional scars. If you or someone you love has been a victim of hazing in the workplace, you are entitled to seek compensation for what you have endured. To learn more, contact the experienced Houston employment lawyers of the Ross Law Group today by calling 713-482-6910.

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